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Allenby 132, Tel Aviv

A new action game where the senses work differently

Feel. Listen. Hide

Hide and seek in the Dark - a group strategy game in reality that takes place in complete darkness. It's a new and unique attraction in the country where the idea of our childhood games - hide-and-seek, blind cow, and the combination of the escape room concept with many elements away - is applied out-of-the-box, sense-making, teamwork, strategy-building and more. Hiding in the dark!

Age: 8-99

Total darkness

60 minutes


4-35 players

The Endless Maze

Game Scenarios

Choose the game you love

Killer Clowns
60 minutes
Age: 16+
Night Watch
60 minutes
Age: 12+
Hide&Seek Kids
60 minutes
Age: 8+
ליצנים רוצחים

You won't ever get tired or bored

You need to sharpen your senses and enable strategic thinking to navigate, hunt, dodge, pass obstacles, laughter and fear and all this in complete darkness.

Call now 03-7220010

In order to reserve the game exclusively for you contact us please and leave credit card information as a deposit for the game.  We will store the card number within a secure system and use it as a guarantee only. In case of no show or less than 24 hours​ cancellation​ notice, a cancellation fee of 320₪ will be charged. Reservation without deposit may be canceled.


A game you order may contain hidden (and narrow) passages and is not accessible to strollers, wheelchairs and people with mobility disabilities. We will be happy to give detailed telephone information regarding the obstacles in the room.


Plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. This will give everyone ample time to get checked in, use the restroom, and receive their specific instructions for the game.


It's advised to arrive in comfortable clothing and shoes.


10% discount

Regular duty IDF soldier

Our Prices

friday-shabat + holidays

80₪ / person

Discounts are available for groups 6+ persons


70₪ / person

65₪ / person

80₪ / person

4-10 players

11-20 players

21+ players

Upon displaying Soldier ID

There is no double of discounts


Both a crazy game and a room for events

Amazing compound for special and memorable group experiences

Here you can also enjoy an amazing event complex and a crazy social game "Hide and Seek in the the dark". We bring to you the first time the crazy maze where you and your guests can enjoy non-stop. This is how a birthday is celebrated today.

Our complex is perfect for teaming events and team evenings. Come and celebrate with your team in a crazy and innovative complex. You will be able to play a compelling and interesting game and, in addition, to enjoy our guest room which includes a full catering at your request.

Bachelor party

You can receive our guest room for a pampering bachelor party that includes everything you need to celebrate. Catering and alcohol package are also indulgent, so you don't have to organize anything but just come in with the mood and celebrate.

Kid's birthday

The perfect compound for a birthday celebration for your child, our place contains a luxurious room and a maze game in the darkness together. With us you can also order a catering package and groceries for all children to be happy, here you can celebrate a memorable birthday. Of course the place is also suitable for adults so you won't be bored!

Best Party Room Ever

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